2004 Volvo S60R 66M AWD

Elgin , IL

Asking Price: $7,000

S60R 66M AWD
130,000 Miles
Very fast and very well maintained S60R 66M AWD. Many new parts in the last year, clutch, fuel pump fuel filter, battery, coolant system flush and new oils in transmission and differentials.  Tons of modifications, SVT Strut Brace, Spectre High Flow Air Filter and Cold Air Intake, 3.5” Downpipe with Ceramic Coted 90 and High Flow Cat, IPD Sport Exhaust, IPD HD TCV, IPD “R” Style Boost Gauge and Pod, IPD 5MM Wheel Spacers – Front Wheels, Elevate Sport Springs, IPD Offset Rear Control Arm Bushings ( Alignment in factory Specifications), Elevate Slotted Rotors, Elevate Sport Brake Pads, Elevate Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Elevate Custom Tune. Peak Boost of 25+ PSI and Constant Boost of 20-23 PSI. 130K Miles, $10K OBO, Located in Elgin, IL (Chicago Area)

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