About Us

Our Story

Just like any good story, our story is about life. Who we are has defined us by many years of experience, success, friendship, as well as personal trials. Our company was founded in 2016 by three passionate individuals, possessing vastly different talents, yet, sharing one vision and one dream. With years of experience in real estate marketing, Martin Rygiel managed a successful real estate network, later acquired by Yellow Pages. During the early years, Les Wojcianiec spearheaded a progressive printing business. Working closely together on various projects, a friendship was formed. However, it became clear that fulfillment would only come by pursuing a much higher goal. When it came to real estate marketing, the existing space was full of services that lacked transparency and financially capitalized on hard earned assets, with hidden costs and marketing fees, both agents and consumers remained exposed. Thus, a dream was born. The goal was to change the face of real estate marketing, by offering the most honest and innovative high asset marketing platform to agents and consumers alike. While, ensuring that it remains financially accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status. That dream turned into reality when Ernest Surudo, a Silicon Valley developer, joined the team and the Web Enabled Sign was born!

Today Sign2Web.com has become the leader in outdoor sign marketing and digital media. Producing what is the world’s most powerful outdoor sign product, based on a patent-pending approach to sign production in a unique format at this economy of scale. Web Enabled Signs and Agent Sign Riders are highly effective and affordable. Every sign is powered by cutting edge software, sales tools and is paired with a robust online marketplace to deliver incredible results – empowering agents and consumers to market and sell real estate and other high-end outdoor assets with confidence. Fully reusable for one purchase price, all our services are included with every sign product with no additional fees to pay! Our sign products are sold at cost, ensuring that everyone has access to this invaluable service regardless of financial status. Our organization is driven by the kindness and generosity of our clients by contributing to our cause on a “pay what you want” basis. This ensures that our marketing platform remains accessible to those that need it most. A business model that is the first ever in this industry!

Our Vision

Make real estate marketing a fair and better place for all. Become the most prominent and trusted high asset/real estate marketing platform for consumers and agents alike.

Our Mission

Deliver highly effective marketing solutions to empower agents and consumers to sell with confidence. Ensure that all services remain financially accessible to every client regardless of financial ability.